Healthy Hair

Here are some TIPS and TRICKS to restore your crown!

Healthy Diet

Iron and protein play a vital role in your diet. Eat right and provide the correct nutrients for your health and hair too! Otherwise, you might risk developing some illnesses and other health problems.

Cold Showers

Rinse the conditioner with cold water. Coldwater ensures your scalp remains cleaner for longer as it closes the pores, making it less vulnerable to grease, oil, and dirt. 

Regular Hair Trims

Getting rid of split ends. Split ends strip your hair of its lively glow. They also make it look brittle and dull. Unless you trim off the split ends, no amount of conditioning or spa treatments is capable of restoring the shine back.

Scalp Treatment

Through scalp treatment, you will be able to unclog hair follicles, get rid of dandruff, prevent thinning and hair loss. Even if you have a healthy scalp, it will be good to experience a scalp treatment once in a while to cleanser your hair follicles. 


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