Scalp Care

Will Scalp Care save your hair and money in the long term? 


Many have known that Shampoos were devised to clean the scalp and remove excess oil. However, if it is overused or if it works down the length of your hair, shampoos can eventually damage your hair. Shampoos will strip the essential oils that the scalp produces and it might leave the hair and scalp too dry.


Based on studies, our scalp ages six times faster than our face! Thus, you need to take preventive measures, just as you would with anti-aging skincare. Hair aging is a process where the hair begins to lose its quality, such as brittle hair or greying. 


How do you identify if your scalp is healthy? You may check your scalp for symptoms such as an oily and itchy scalp, bald patches, dandruff, dull-looking hair, or even hair loss. 


Alternatively, head to Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions for a free AI scalp analysis along with a first trial scalp treatment. A professional can advise you on the scalp status after the scalp analysis compared to figuring out the situation on your own. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

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